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An Events Service That Is Completely Bespoke To Your Business.

An Events Service That Is Completely Bespoke To Your Business

Tailoring your event to suit your brand image is vital if you want to resonate in the minds of your target audience and stay two steps ahead of your competitors. With our corporate events service you can guarantee to impress and create an occasion that oozes sophistication

TRB Events has a clear mission to enhance your business events to leave your clients, staff and even competitors blown away. From parties to reward your staff for their hard work, client networking events or even award shows and product launches, we want your business to look the part to add an extra level of professionalism to your brand.

Our TRB Events service is completely bespoke to your business and therefore we can ensure that no two events are ever the same. We take time to get to know you and understand your requirements before putting together a plan of suggestions for your event. You can really have as much or as little as you like with TRB Events, so you can rest assured that the service you receive from us is perfectly matched to the requirements of your event.

Our TRB Events service is packed full of multiple elements that can be utilised depending on your business needs; from impressive lighting for highly anticipated product launches to low key soft uplighters for modest conferences.

Our TRB Events service is packed full of multiple elements to suit any type of event

AV Light and Sound

Dance the night away with high end private-party style dance floor hire and dazzling state of the art lighting from TRB Events. You can even impress your guests with an impressive LED display wall and extravagant pyrotechnics.

Award Winning DJ’s

Settle for nothing less than the best with our award winning DJ’s who have recently earned the title ‘2017 Official Best DJ Award Winners’ at the World Music Awards.

Corporate Filming

Stay two steps ahead of your competitors in the vastly changing digital revolution with engaging and sophisticated corporate video content to add value to your business.

Do you want to host an event that will echo in the minds of your target audience and boost your brand integrity? Then the TRB Events service is for you.

Our Corporate Event Setups

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Clients that value high quality attention to detail, access to expert industry advice and a wide range of equipment
return to TRB time and again.

Bespoke Event Setups Crafted By Our In House Production Team

We can design any event bespoke to the needs of your business, including large led presentation screens and colour washing stages. For large events we highly recommend our custom made state of the art void air motion system with stasys xair subwoofers. This sound system rental includes exclusive black and gold colouring to add a luxurious, high end feel to your event and undoubtedly high quality. For smaller events we are able to provide a simple system which consists of Stasys4 speakers which are still great quality for a smaller scale event.